Thursday, 28 March 2013

[Review] Yellowfin

Nestled nicely at a corner of Senopati area with Japanese lanterns hanging on the trees, it's not to be missed. We've passed by every time we're in the area but never seem to have time for it. On a Friday night we decided to give it a go. TGIF!
First off, we'd like to apologize for the picture, the place wasn't exactly dim, but we were seated at a corner; and we're depending on our phone camera. So, yeah ;)

Ebi Tempura Spicy Salad - 48thousand
Chopped shrimp tempura with lettuce served with creamy spicy sauce. The tempura was crispy and coated with cream sauce, while the lettuce was lightly drenched with teriyaki sauce, which goes really well, giving it a fresh burst, as opposed to what the name suggest, spicy.

Agedashi Tofu - 35thousand
Unlike the regular agedashi tofu, this was served in bite-sized cubes, which we appreciate, since it tends to be difficult to tear apart its' skin. We liked this dish as the skin was crispy, and the tofu is soft, together with sweet soba sauce. A classic Japanese appetizer.

Sisamo Yaki - 38thousand
Sisamo is a Japanese fish, with roe still intact in its' belly, giving it a grainy texture. Similar to tobiko, that is used often in sushi rolls, but in a drier consistency.

Volcano Roll - 45thousand
Deep fried shrimp roll with spicy mayonnaise sauce; not sure if Japanese have lower tolerance for spice, but this wasn't spicy as well, Le Sister could eat it just fine.


Soft Shell Crab Roll - 47thousand
Deep fried soft shell crab, with avocado and cucumber.

Tebasaki ( 3pcs ) - 25thousand
This was a letdown, coming from the Yakitori section of the menu, we expect it to be grilled, a reasonable assumption no? Even its description on the menu says 'grilled chicken wings', but they came out fried. As a fan of chicken wings, you could imagine the horror on our faces when this dish was placed on the table.

Hamachi Kama Teriyaki - 140thousand
A grilled yellowtail head with teriyaki sauce, it is bigger and has more meat as compared to a salmon head. This was well worth its price tag, it was super smooth and flavourful.

Gindara Saikyo Yaki - 165thousand
Another fish dish - grilled black cod marinated with saikyo miso. It is well marinated, but we recalled it being ever so slightly overcooked.

Beef Katsu Curry Rice - 118thousand
You can select your own spice levels for the curry, Le Dad had wanted the medium, but the waitress suggests low since they are spicy. True to their consistency, it wasn't spicy. There's nothing to write home about both the katsu and curry, just that they weren't piping hot. 

(L- R) Castle in the Sky, Spirited Away - 35thousand
Castle in the Sky is a concoction of peach puree, peach syrup, soda water and grape fruit, while Spirited Away is lychee syrup, lime, mint and soda water. Between the 2, we'd say go for Spirited Away. It comes with real lychee fruit, which could double up as dessert. ;)

Sojus and sakes filling the right side of the entrance, they are available for consumption. You could ask the server to recommend one to suit your taste. Pretty sure there's one for everyone, be it hot, cold, sweet, bitter, or dry.

Slightly unclear picture, as we were trying to capture it in action, but failed. At the end of the meal, we were given this, on one side white tablets, and water on the other. Simply place the tablets into the water, they'll expand and become wet tissues. It wasn't the first time we saw these tablets, but definitely a first we've experienced given out in a restaurant in town.

The dishes served were of  izakaya dining, which is supposed to focus more on drinks. So the portion tends to run smaller and pricier, which is common. They are however, not enough for Le Dad, thus the Curry Rice off the lunch menu. It is a good place to wind down with colleagues after a day in the office.

Yellowfin Sake Bar & Kitchen
Jl. Senopati I no. 42
Jakarta - 12110

Telephone : (021) 722 0394

Operation Hours:
Monday - Sunday : 11AM - 2AM 

Note: This is the 2nd time we're typing this out. Le Sister accidentally deleted it, so the opinion may be slightly affected, since it is almost 2 months since we dined.

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