Thursday, 14 March 2013

[Review] Din Tai Fung - Chef's Table

Din Tai Fung - Chef's Table, a new restaurant in Puri Indah Mall. Just opened a few days ago, the atmosphere is bright and minimalistic, as opposed to the usual traditional wooden red and black found in their every branch. Chef's Table serves pork dishes, whereas the regular DTF is Halal.

Xiao Long Bao - 49thousand for 6 pieces
This is a definite must order! It's skin is thin, soft fragrant pork meat in the inside, and filled with a lot of juice. It is one of the best we've tried, and definitely better than the ones we've tried the night before at Paradise Dynasty.

Sauteed Prwan with Salted Egg Yolk - 75thousand for 5 pieces
 The prawn is crispy and covered with just enough salted egg yolk that it's not too overpowering. There's a mixed opinion for this dish, Le Mom and Le Dad found it just okay, while Le Sister likes it.

Pan Fried Gyoza (Pork & Vegetables) - 29thousand for 3 pieces
This dish was tad disappointing, especially after the excitement from the Xiao Long Bao. It was sort of soggy, as opposed to being crispy; it was okay though.

Steamed Vegetable and Pork Jiao Ze - 43thousand for 6 pieces
This was another let down. It is filled with too much vegetables, you can't barely taste the pork.

Vegetarian Delight in Special Vinaigrette Dressing - 26thousand
Xiao Cai, is an appetizer, with mushrooms and strings of tofu tossed together. It's pretty good! Do give it a try. 

Sauteed Asparagus with Crab Meat & Roe - 68thousand
It looks pretty in the menu, and came out exactly the same, but somehow didn't taste like how we'd expect it to be. The asparagus tasted bland, and it's probably just our luck, the asparagus were old, so the bottom was stringy and hard to chew (and probably hard to digest too).

Hot & Sour Soup - 42thousand (small)
The dish came spicy, too spicy for Le Sister to enjoy, and without a hint of sourness to it. We were told that it was purposely served this way, so the customer could add in their own vinegar to it, as to adjust to their own taste. It didn't make much sense though. Why skip the vinegar but not the chili oil?

Braised Beef Noodle - 58thousand
There are 2 types of noodles served for all noodle dish, normal or spinach, we opted for normal noodles. It's pretty good! We weren't a big fan of the beef as it wasn't tender enough, but the broth and noodles were good. It's soft and chewy, just the right texture.

Bubble tea - 25thousand
We're aware for the same price you could get a large milk tea at any bubble tea joint in town, but do not let it stop you from trying! The tea smells and taste really good, unlike most where there more milk to it's tea:milk ratio.

Mixed Fruit with Xi Mi Lu Sago - 30thousand
Consists of melon, watermelon, apple, and papaya, in a milky base. Nothing much to say about it, except the spoon. It's the flat one where restaurant would use for ice creams, so it was kinda challenging to drink the base. Forgiven, since it's a new place, they'll probably change to a proper one.

Gui Ling Gao - Free!
If you spend more than 200thousand before service charge and tax you get a free Gui Ling Gao! Look around for the brochures before stopping by. We seen them being handed out at the escalators, and probably at Blacklisted, their sister store. It looks like the one below.

Yeap! 20% off all items! Valid only until 18 March, not much time left. 

We also received this little voucher, where you get a free almond croissant for every purchase of coffee. We've featured their cakes this on our very first post previously.

Food was pretty decent, and the atmosphere is good too. We'll probably stop by again when we ran out of ideas where to dine on a weeknight. But still, nothing beats Duck King at Central Park since it's still closer to us ;)


A little mini update : Le Cousins W tried this not long ago in April, and they didn't really enjoy their meal. So it probably is not as good as when it first opened, where they have the higher management controlling the situation.

Din Tai Fun - Chef's Table
Puri Indah Mall
2nd Floof Unit 201-202
Jl. Puri Agung, Puri Indah
Jakarta Barat

Telephone : (021) 582 3460/61

Operation Hours:
Monday-Sunday: 10AM - 10PM
(last order at 10PM)

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