Thursday, 21 March 2013

[Review] School Food Bloomingmari

A new place in Central Park serving Korean 'school food' - Mari, Ramyeon, and Tteokpokki. It is located just outside Gramedia. The place is nice and cozy, with ceiling to floor glass  window overlooking the Tribeca park, and Korean pop songs blasting on their speakers.

Blooming Mari - 65thousand
Mozzarella cheese, teriyaki bulgogi and rice rolled together with seaweed and egg.
We think it is expensive, even though you could get full. They tasted ok, but nothing beats the typical Kimbab you could get at any convenience store in Korea for a quarter of it's price.

Jigae Ramyeon - 45thousand
Spicy stew ramen with kimchi and School Food's special seasoning. We asked if it was instant noodle(Shin Ramyeon), and the server said no, they make their own noodle, so Le Brother went ahead with it. Alas, it was instant, with kimchi added to it. Both of us could easily cook up a gourmet Shin Ramyeon with eggs, veggies and spam, and it would still cost less than their 45thousand.

Calamary - 35thousand
 Fried squid rings served with Tartar sauce. They were good! And the salad greens did made us feel less sinful about eating fried foods. :p 

(L-R) Cotton Strawberry Athie (25thousand) and Fine Blue Athie (30thousand)
It's hard to mess up a strawberry drink, put some syrup and soda together they'd taste good. Not sure where they went wrong with this. The Blue Athie, which is actually pineapple, tasted good!

We didn't try their Tteokpokki, which is the house special, as we weren't fans of rice cake. We can't justfy the 55thousand for a plate of something that we weren't going to enjoy. The price could go up to a whopping 120thousand for the Spicy Chicken Cutlet with Cheese. So, it's your call if you want to try it out; it is a nice place to chill with friends.

School Food Bloomingmari 
Central Park Mall 3rd Floor
Jl. Letjen S. Parman Kav. 28
Jakarta Barat 11430

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