Thursday, 7 March 2013

[Review] Caprese

The first time we dined here few months back, we were impressed. App was good, pasta was good, pizza was good, so it deserves a second visit.

 Creamy Mushroom Soup - 29thousand
Such a disappointment. It didn't taste like mushroom at all. Just a microwaved cup of brown liquid smelling like herbs. We only managed to swallow half of it. A pack of instant Campbell's would've tasted way better.

Spaghetti Aglio Olio - 45 thousand
 Looks good no? 'Our famous aglio olio style topped with fresh chili, crispy garlic and parmesan cheese' - quoted from their menu. For real? What crispy garlic? They were soggy even though the pasta was dry. With a handful of crispy lemon zest and parmesan cheese, it tasted nothing like an aglio olio,. How could it be famous? 

Chocolate Melt - 45thousand
The only saving grace! The chocolate melted so beautifully! So soft and fluffy in the inside, if only it was tad crispier outside. We'd definitely come back for this! This shall be crowned The Best Chocolate Melt until we fine a better one.

Taken off Le Sister's instagram. Isn't it pretty!

Overall, we were definitely disappointed with their soup and pasta. It was only 2 months ago, we were raving about their pasta. Such a vast difference since we first tried it. In addition to the disappointment, the waiters weren't attentive too. We had difficulty in trying to call them, and it wasn't even crowded. We'll only be back for their chocolate melt, and since it's far from us, it's not gonna happen any time soon.

Caprese Restaurant
Kota Kasablanka F65-02
Jl. Casablanca Raya Kav. 88
Jakarta Selatan 12870

Telephone : (021) 2946 5333

Business Hour
Weekdays : 10AM - 12PM
Weekends : 10AM - 2AM

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