Thursday, 25 July 2013

[Review] Loobie Lobster


 Following suit from Holycow Steak, the man behind it all opened another venture some time ago, Loobie Lobster. As the name suggests, they specialise in lobsters. Sticking to the same concept, Loobie Lobster sells higher end food at a fraction of the price you'd normally pay for.

The restaurant is extremely tiny, allowing only 7 tables; be prepared to queue if you decided to break your fast there. Or like us, arrive at 8PM when the crowd has died down. With minimalistic no-frills design, it helps cut costs to pass it on to the customers.

Lobster Platter 1/2KG - 137thousand

Mix Platter (Lobster & Shrimp) - 125thousand

The 1/2KG Lobster Platter come with half a kilo of lobster as the name suggests, whereas the mix platter comes with half of a lobster and a 'udang galah' big prawn. Both sets comes with a side of rice and fried calamari, you could swap the rice for more calamari, as they were delish! Fried and seasoned excellently.

For the price that comes with it, it was totally worth it. The lobsters were fresh, sweet and juicy; the only minor complain is that they weren't uniformly seasoned. 2 out of the 5 set we ordered is way too salty to eat on its own.  The prawn is equally juicy, and if you're into innards, remember to suck on the head. :)

We could only sing praises whilst eating, but however, as soon as we sat on the car, we knew that we won't be returning anytime soon. For our throats were burning, the effect of MSG was pretty evident on us, which is a major turnoff.

In a nutshell, Loobie Lobster is worth a try, but not so much a second chance.

Loobie Lobster
Jl. Gunawarman No. 32
Jakarta Selatan
Indoneseia 12110

Telephone : (021) 527 0673

Operation Hours:
Monday - Friday : 11AM - 2PM // 5PM - 10PM

Thursday, 18 July 2013

[Review] Bibigo

Striving to serve their customers with healthy and fresh Korean food, Bibigo is a Korean restaurant chain that has opened their doors in several countries, including US and UK, and most recently, Indonesia.

Pajeon; Seafood Pancake - 55thousand
It is a Korean style pancake, with leeks, squid and shrimp; and served with citrus soy sauce.This is slightly different than the normal 'pajeon' we've had previously which had a thick coat of eggs and flour; whereas this had an abundant amount of what they state in the menu - leek, squid and shrimp. Although it was slightly oily, we'd still give it a thumbs up.

Hot Stone Galbi - 180thousand
Char-grilled beef short ribs marinated in bibigo barbeque sauce. This is perfection served on a plate! It was perfectly seasoned, soft and tender beef, absolutely no complains about it.

Spicy Beef Soup Bansang - 95thousand
Spicy beef soup boiled with bracken, leek, mushroom and beansprouts, served with rice and banchans. The soup is mild, yet there is that spiciness that kicks at the same time. Normally "Yukgaejang" tends to taste heavy, but this was light and clean. A good switch from our go-to Sundubu (Tofu) Soup, which we've heard raves from our cousins.

Bibigo Ice Flakes - 45thousand
A summer staple in Korea, shaved ice with sweet red bean and ice cream. With this dish, you need to mix all the ingredients together, like what you'd do to Bibimbap. Such simple ingredients but tastes amazing, a good dessert to end the meal.

Bubble Pop - 45thousand
A harmony between tropical fruits such as pineapple, guava and mango. We were expecting something more tropical, but we can't taste any of the tropical fruits as the grenadine syrup was a little too overwhelming.

Overall we had a good meal, they definitely performed what they aim to serve, which is healthy and fresh Korean food. We came out of the restaurant feeling good and all smiles. Though it was on the more expensive side, it was worth every penny paid. We'll definitely be back, so look out for out Take 2 posts. :)

Pacific Place Level 4
Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav. 52-53
Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD)
Jakarta 12190

Telephone : (021) 5797 3011

Operation Hours:
Monday - Sunday : 10AM -10PM

Thursday, 4 July 2013

[Review] de Luca

Visited De Luca on a weeknight and it was packed, we had to sit at the smoking area even though none of us smoked! With cozy, dark ambiance, we don't know when the next non-smoking table would be available. Goes to show what a crowd favourite it was, and it's been around for quite a while too!

Green Smith Mocktail - 52thousand
A concoction of green apple, mint, lemon and soda; even though it did state green apple, we think it's tad too sour to enjoy. A wee bit more mint and sugar would've made it refreshing.

Farfalle with Beef Bacon and Mushrooms - 78thousand
Pretty self-explanatory, looks simple, but it was delish! Being the first to be served, the dish came out pretty quick, and piping hot too! You know how some cream-based pasta could be too overwhelming that you get sick of it after a while? This was no where near it, Le Sister could easily finish it in one seating. Just a minor concern would be the pasta was a little too al dente to Le Sister's liking.  

Overall, it was a good one. If you're not a fan of cream-based pasta, they have tomato-based and aglio olio-based too. There are a few other promising options that we would like to try on out next visit.

Supremo Pizza - 78thousand
Mozzarella di Buffala, tomato sauce, pepperoni, cherry tomatoes and mint leaf. We finished this in a blink of an eye! Definitely one to look out for. The ingredients were fresh, and the dough was thin yet has a nice grip to it. First time eating fresh mint leaves, and it was a great first taste. Who knew mint leaves would taste so yummy!

 Lamb Shank - 198thousand
Lamb shank served with mashed potatoes, greens and gravy. The most expensive dish, yet not the best. (Don't judge a book by it's cover, ey?) The lamb came out dry and hasn't been marinated well, so the meat just tasted like meat? The mashed potatoes still had lumps in it, and could use a little bit more butter. And the gravy? It was too thick. Overall it wasn't that bad, but not one that we would order on our next visit.

Like previously mentioned, this was one of the more expensive dish on the menu, and the servers keep pointing this menu to us. As we couldn't decide on a final main, we went ahead with their suggestions. After finishing our meal, the servers (more than 2) came up to our table asking how the Lamb Shank was, and not about any of the other food which we enjoyed. We found it rather rude and amusing at the same time.

Panna Cotta - 52thousand
 We're in pursuit of the yummiest Panna Cotta in town, and this definitely do not make the cut. It was dense, and didn't go really well with the nuts, but it does have a fragrant aftertaste.

Overall, it was an enjoyable dinner where we could see ourselves coming back, and we can't wait to head on over. For dessert, jump right opposite to their sister company, Monolog for a slice of our favourite Raspberry Velvet cake. Imagining it right now is putting a smile on our face. :)

de Luca
Plaza Senayan P1 101B
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8
Jakarta 10270

Telephone : (021) 572 5170

Operation Hours:
Monday - Friday : 11AM - 11PM
Weekend : 11AM - 2AM