Saturday, 28 December 2013

[Review] Paul

We've dined Paul in Shanghai and Singapore previously, so it wasn't something really new for us. But after all the hype, we made our way over to Paul in the afternoon the other day with the cousins for some pastries, and boy was it bustling. We didn't have to wait too long for a table, but it was a weekday! The waiters weren't too attentive though, so it was tad difficult for us to get their attention.

Some of their bread and macarons selection. They also serve sandwiches, croque monsieur, crepes, salad and some mains; nothing too heavy and leaves enough space for some pastries.

Tarte aux myrtilles (Blueberry Tart) - 50thousand ; Eclair café - 40thousand

For the blueberry tart, it wasn't good yet it wasn't that bad either. Given the quality of the ingredients used, they were just slightly overpriced. Hey, just think of the goodness you get from the blueberries. For the first one, we had a strand of hair inside the tart; and we're were given a new one after a while.

For the coffee eclair, we'd suggest trying everything else but this. The texture is all wrong, and the fondant was a little too thick (looking kinda sloppy), which only made it taste even worst. 

They've only been around for a while now, and have already been the talk of the town. Though we probably won't be back anytime soon, as they are quite pricey. Albeit serving quality food, only time will tell how long they could keep that up. So, here's to hoping they continue in maintaining their ingredients.

Ground Flour (Galeries Lafayette lobby)
Pacific Place
Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav. 52-53
Jakarta Selatan

Telephone : (021) 579 93455

Operating Hours :
Monday - Sunday : 10AM - 10PM

Thursday, 12 December 2013

[Personal] Pastry Lessons!

Hiya! Le sister her with a post! I've been away in Bangkok for a lil' bit last week, yes, with all the protests going on, but it's fine, thankfully it was the King's birthday while I was there so things were calmer.

So, I was over in Bangkok for a 3-days pastry course. I've always been interested in baking, cakes, and everything else; so I decided to give it a shot and see how much I will like it.

The 3 days were tiring, we had to stand from 9AM to 4PM, with an hour break for lunch; but time went by quickly, I truly had the happiest 3 days of the year. Glad that the group mates were really interesting people, and the teacher, Paulo, was really great as well.


I have never had any baking lessons before, so I can't say how good he is, or how well he was in teaching; but it felt legit and the class was really smooth sailing. He'd show us how to do it, and we'd get some hands-on experience every now and then.


At the very last day, we'd assemble everything that we've been working on during the 3 days, and when we're done with everything, we get to have the pastries and cakes! I had some while I was in Bangkok, and brought some back to Jakarta; they still tasted so good even after 2 days!


They have other classes not just Basic French Pastry, and every now and then they have guest chef teaching special classes. Scoot on over to their website : for more classes and their schedule.

It's not a sponsored post, I paid for everything, but I really enjoyed the 3 days while I was there and had so much fun. I'll most definitely be back to take their other classes. So I do recommend it to you guys who are interested, you guys can email or leave a comment if you have questions and I'll be more than happy to answer them :)

Macaron Pastry Training Centre
594 Soi Sukhumvit 63 (Ekamai)
Sukhumvit Road, Klongton Nua, Wattana
Bangkok, 10110 Thailand

Thursday, 5 December 2013

[Review] Hide Yamamoto

Hide Yamamoto, a renowned Japanese Chef, has cooked for 3 generations of US president, Reagen, Clinton and Bush. He has finally set sail and opened his sixth restaurant here in Lotte Shopping Avenue, less than a month ago. We were more than excited when we saw his name show up on the screen while browsing through the restaurant index.

The restaurant is divided in sections where patrons can chose where they would like to sit, namely Sushi, Robata, Teppanyaki and a dining area. Where you sit does not limit the food that you are allowed to order, it just gives a different vibe as they have chefs stationed at each section side for the dining area. 

The have 3 lunch set menu which they serve everyday, ranging from 200-350thousand; and a teppan set menu that they serve all day everyday at 300thousand. They also have an extensive a la carte menu for more choices. 

We went for 2 sets of the lunch set menu, where we selected different items for more variety.

First Course, salad and sesame paste tofu. Between the 2, we recommend going for the Tofu, the texture is denser than the regular tofu but it has a distinct taste that would make us come back for more.

Second Course, assorted sashimi & roll, and vegetable and tiger prawn tempura. Air flown sashimi from Japan's very own Tsujiki Market, with fresh wasabi; and a plate of good ol' tempura. Though choice, but personally we'd go for the tempura, their dipping sauce is different from the ones we get from anything we've ever had. It's light but still has that kick in it.

Third Course, mini soy based ramen and mini kaisen don. Hands down the kaisen don win this round, however the ramen is not to be missed as well. The ramen broth is made with chicken stock, yet it's milky thick which made us thought it was pork based. The ramen itself is the problem, so a little improvement on the noodle would made it much more delightful.

The perfect dessert to end the meal, raspberry and lemon sorbet.

Overall, we had a good hearty lunch. Though the price might seem a little steep, but given the reputation and quality it was definitely worth every cent. Their service is also one to take note off, which we totally appreciate.There will most definitely be second visit. Do stop by earlier to get the prime middle seat of each station.

Hide Yamamoto
Lotte Shopping Avenue
5th floor - 02
Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav 3-5
South Jakarta
Telephone : (021) 298 89500
Operating Hours :
Monday - Saturday : Lunch 11AM - 3PM // Dinner 6PM - 11PM
Sunday & Public Holiday : Lunch 11Am - 3PM // Dinner 5PM - 10PM 
(Last order is 30minutes before closing time)