Thursday, 19 September 2013

[Review] TWG

We visited TWG some time back, and only had the time to pen down this post. We visited on a weeknight after dinner, with Le Cousins. The sitting area wasn't that big, probably fitting around 15 tables? A bigger section is dedicated to the cake and tea displays. 

Each of us ordered a pot of tea - Royal Moroccan, Alfonso Tea, Pacific Route and First Kiss Tea. There wasn't one that we particularly like, out of the 4, Alfonso Tea would be the better one. We really would not recommend ordering the First Kiss Tea, which is a flower tea. If you're familiar with Chinese Medicinal Herbs, that was what it tastes like. 

Being sweet toothed, how could we miss the desserts! We had Lemon Tart, Strawberry Pistachio, a macaron and ice cream. Out of the 4 desserts, we'd say go for the ice cream and skip the other desserts, they were rich in flavour and simply addicting. 

Most of the tea ranges from 42thousand to 90thousand, and take note that there are no refills.The cakes, which changes daily, are 45thousand a slice; and a single scoop of ice cream will set you back by 30thousand. 

The dessert was nothing to look forward to, the texture wasn't good, and tastes almost artificial, just wasn't appetizing at all. Being a Tea Salon, we expected at least a good cup of tea, but the star turns out to be the ice cream. We probably wouldn't be back, even if we did, it would probably be just for the ice cream.

TWG Tea Salon & Boutique
Plaza Senayan Level 1-Unit 109A
Jl. Asia Afrika 8
Jakarta, Indonesia 10270

Telephone : (021) 572 5276

Operating Hours :
Monday - Sunday : 10AM-10PM

Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Hi readers! 

First off, we'd like to apologize for not being as active as we had expected to be, a new post every Thursday. Both our work and personal life have been busy, and we haven't been visiting any new, interesting restaurant lately. 

Secondly, we've reached about 5,480 hits! May not seemed like much to a seasoned blogger, but since we've only be around for about 9 months and don't blog often, we really do appreciate every hit! We hope our review came off as informative to you guys!

As always, if there's any new place or restaurants that you would like us to review, do drop by a comment or email us. :) 

p/s: new post scheduled for tomorrow!