Tuesday, 26 November 2013

[Review] Le Quartier

Was over at Le Quartier the other weekend for late lunch, and it was still bustling. We've passed by numerous times, but only had the time in our books recently. The decor felt very European/Parisian Chic, almost like we were overseas for a while.

Complimentary basket of bread, they were nice and toasty but arrived only after some of our mains have arrived, which we thought was odd.

Soupe A L'Ognion Gratinee - 76thousand
What's a trip to a French Bistro without a cuppa of good ol' onion soup. Most definitely of the best ones we've tried here in Jakarta, do give it a try, especially in this wet, rainy season. 

White Ham and Truffle Oil Pizza - 136thousand
 Stone baked pizza served with green peas pesto, white ham, mushrooms, rockets and grated cheese. This is one of the two disappointing dish we had that day, the pizza dough was soggy which gave it a weird texture. In addition, we found the pizza to be too bland for our liking, so everything just fell flat.
(Random addition, the menu stated spinach, but pretty sure they were rockets.)

Fried Eggs and Oxtail Hash - 98 thousand
Fancy name but is really a simple dish which is just alright. This dish and the next probably fits better for brunch, not quite filling to last through the day.

Poached Eggs on Salmon Zucchini Cakes - 98thousand
Differing from the typical Eggs Benedict, they switched the bun for salmon zucchini cakes. They were quite alright, side for the slightly overcooked eggs.

Assorted Mushroom Risotto - 116thousand
Mushroom risotto served with lemon rind, soy peas and rockets. The lemon overpowered the mushroom, so it tasted more like lemon and peas risotto. For a mushroom risotto lover, it was a disappointing dish. Scoot over to Cacaote or De Luca for better ones!

Angel Hair Aglio Oilio with Herb Marinated Chicken Breast - 140thousand
Hands down one of The Best in town! The traffic all the way to Le Quartier is well worth it just for this dish alone! We don't hear Le Cousin W singing praises for a dish that often, it was just that good!

Red Velvet and Marshmallow Ice Cream + Salted Caramel and Caramelized Banana Ice Cream - 36thousand/each

The Red Velvet&Marshmallow consisted of red velvet crumbs, bits of marshmallow and an ice cream base, so overall, it as a weird texture to it.
For the Salted Caramel&Banana, the banana dominated the combination as you could barely taste caramel, not what we were expecting.

Parfait of Lemon and Raspbberies served with Sherbet - 66thousand
Lemon parfait set with raspberry jelly, topped with white chocolate crushed pistachios, fresh raspberries and creme Chantilly.

Orange - Grand Marnier Souffle - 78thousand
The soft and fluffy soft and fluffy didn't blew our minds away, it was just alright.

 Overall, it was an enjoyable meal. Le Cousin E mentioned that their grill selection was marvelous, so look out for our Take 2 on their grills. Otherwise, it was a good change of atmosphere from the typical fancy restaurant. It seemed posh yet relaxed at the same time. Don't get put of by the hefty price tag. Treat yourself to a hot cuppa Onion Soup, and Aglio Olio pasta; it's near the end of the year, you've earn a good meal. :)

Le Quartier
Jl. Gunawarman No. 34
Kebayaran Baru
Jakarta Selatan

Telephone : (021) 7278 8001

Operation Hours :

Monday - Sunday : 7.30AM - Onwards