Thursday, 27 June 2013

Din Tai Fung - Chef's Table Take 2

Back to Din Tai Fung Chef's Table on a weeknight for dinner. As predicted in the earlier post, we were back here as we didn't know what to have for dinner.

Braised Pork Belly Noodle - 55thousand
As previously mentioned there are 2 types of noodles served for all noodle dish, normal or spinach, and we opted for normal noodles.This particular one is served in pork bone soup, which made it very fragrant. The pork belly was tender but slighty tough at the same time.

Salt and Pepper Squid - 52thousand
Fried squid in batter seasoned with salt and pepper. This was such a fail. The batter was such a fail, and the squid wasn't fresh. We all had a few pieces and was left untouched for the rest of the meal.

Three Cup Chicken ala Chef's Table - 65thousand
Chicken served with whole onion and garlic, like how Grandma used to cook them, but tasted different. It was tad too sweet, and wasn't fragrant. They were cook alright, but it doesn't have that 'wok' smell to it.

Pork Ribs ala Bi Feng Tang - 89thousand for 4 pieces
Fried pork ribs with garlic. One thing that pop out in our mind after that first bite was salty! They were tender and not so oily, but salty. We've had better ones over at Paradise Dynasty.

Steamed Vegetable & Pork Jiao Ze - 30thousand for 4 pieces
The name of the dish is pretty explanatory, and taste, texture wise, nothing much to write home about.

Xiao Long Bao - 34thousand for 4 pieces
The other visit we were raving for this dish, but not quite the same this time round. There weren't any broth in each Bao, and tad too much meat, which made it dry.

Xiao Long Bao Gems - Free
Not sure til when they are valid for, but for every 350thousand spent (before tax and service charge), you get a free portion of this Gem! Flavours in clockwise : Seafood, Bolognaise, BBQ Pork, Cheese, Salad Green, Golden Corn and Garlic Pork. The choices of flavours was slightly more peculiar than the ones you'd get at Paradise Dynasty.

Seated next to the open kitchen, we were able to see them made, and it irks Le Sister. The colours used were in liquid form, which Le Sister has no problem about. But they were stored in PET (Aqua/Ades) plastic bottles. Pretty sure they aren't safe for repeated use.

Strawberry Fantasy - 40thousand (personal)
Shaved ice served with fresh strawberries, strawberry jam, strawberry ice cream and condensed milk. This would have made a great dessert, if not for a few things : the fresh strawberries did not appear to be clean, we had some that still had leaves on it; and the shaved ice texture was too rough.

First time round, we had a probability of coming back for another meal. After this though, we probably aren't going to come back anymore. One thing that deserve a thumbs up was the service, there wasn't any supervisor or manager in sight yet they were doing pretty good.

Din Tai Fun - Chef's Table
Puri Indah Mall
2nd Floof Unit 201-202
Jl. Puri Agung, Puri Indah
Jakarta Barat
Telephone : (021) 582 3460/61
Operation Hours:
Monday-Sunday: 10AM - 10PM
(last order at 10PM)

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