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[Review] Colette & Lola

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With cake shoppes, tea houses and macarons receiving the limelight, Ismaya Dining presents us with their take on desserts with Colette and Lola, located at the busy street of Senopati.


The decor is very whimsical and fun, in shades of pink, blue, green and yellow with wooden finish. Every inch of their decorations would earn lots of likes on instagram. We are however, not a fan of the cake display, but can't exactly pinpoint why. Probably too low, which made it hard to have a front view which we're used too.

 Gotta give them props on their innovation on the flavours and presentation! They definitely thought out of the box. Where else can you eat your lego? And in 4 different flavours! We thought that was really smart! Other than cakes, they offer a few selections of gourmet sandwiches ranging from 55-75 thousand, and some dry goodies to bring back for your special someone.

Rose Berry - 28thousand

 Pink chiffon sponge with rose cream and raspberry marmalade. What attracted Le Sister was obviously pink, and being a fan of roses, who could reject such a pretty looking dessert. Taste-wise however, we were let down, the rose flavour came off too artificial and overwhelmed the raspberry marmalade which we could barely taste. Texture-wise, not much of a fan either.

My Lady Grey -  28thousand

Valrhona "caramelia" chocolate and lady grey tea infused Bavarian cream. It's association with tea reminds us of TWG, probably an inspiration? Isn't it pretty? Almost too pretty too eat. You could really taste the tea and goes really well with the chocolate. Though tad too sweet to our liking.

Salted Caramel Cupcake - 25thousand

A simple cupcake topped with salted caramel infused whipped cream and nuts. This was a crowd favourite, much to our surprise. Although it was tad too salty, it was the only 'cake' that we managed to finish. It is on the pricier side though considering it's size.

Macarons - 10thousand

We tried Coffee & Kahlua and Spicy Beef. They were well made, though not the best. The Coffee tasted good, while the Spicy Beef is probably something you would eat out of curiosity or  as a dare.

As expected of Ismaya Dining, and every other new restaurants popping up, it is another 'pretty-decor-subpar-food', in this case desserts. It is a pretty place for the girlies to get together, and even though the cakes were pretty, they tasted very artificial and too overwhelming, props to anyone who could finish a slice on their own.

Colette & Lola
Jl. Senopati Raya No. 64
Jakarta 12190

Telephone : (021) 2900 7997

Operation Hours :
Monday - Sunday : 10AM - 10PM

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