Thursday, 2 May 2013

[Review] Jeans Chili Chicken

Hailing all the way from the land down under, Australia, Jean's Chili Chicken made it's way here to Jakarta. It is located at Gandaria City, along the same lane as Nanny's Pavilion. They are known for, obviously, their chili chicken.

Cheese Chilli Chicken - 102thousand
BBQ chicken in hot and spicy marinate with their 'secret Korean chilli' recipe, topped with mozzarella cheese.The marinate tastes slightly different from it's Sydney counterpart, but still good nonetheless.

Chilli Grilled Eel - 120thousand
Grilled eel in hot and spicy marinate with their 'secret Korean chilli' recipe. Though it had the same description as the Chilli Chicken, it wasn't as spicy, it tasted more like Japanese Teriyaki. So if you're not a fan of spicy food, you'd enjoy this dish more. Ours had a slight fishy aftertaste to it though, but we still enjoyed it.

Rice Ball - 20thousand
Filled with diced chicken, seaweed and sesame seed, 주먹밥 (Ju Meok Bab) literally translates to 'fist rice', as they resemble the shape of your fist. We were given a scissors each to cut up the chicken to smaller pieces, and a plastic hand gloves to make your rice into little rice balls.

[Update 11/5/2013] We dined here again on another occasion, and tried the Honey Chicken Wings, and Le Sisters prefers it much more than the Chilli Chicken, as it wasn't spicy and crispy! Better than Bonchon Chicken we think. :) 

This slightly differs from what Le Cousin W was used to in Sydney. Here the rice came with chicken pieces in it, whereas in Sydney it was just the rice with sesame seed and seaweed. If not busy, the owner would come up to your table and help cut the chicken and make them into little balls. So the experience was much more memorable to him, as opposed to just being served the dish. Thus, he didn't bother to make them into balls, and eat them with chopsticks like any other rice.

We're aware that the price were abit steep for a fairly simple dish, but we were able to share the Chilli Chicken and the Grilled Eel amongst the 4 of us with a bowl of rice ball each. At the end we only had to pay 100thousand each. However, it'd probably be better to split them 3-ways, as we came out not feeling full. Two of us had to get another round of meal. Rather than a complete meal, it'll probable be better for an afternoon snack.

Jeans Chilli Chicken
Mainstreet Upper Ground Unit 11
Gandaria City
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda
Telephone : (021) 2923 6374

Operation Hours
Monday - Sunday : 10AM - 10PM

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