Thursday, 9 May 2013

[Review] Gojumong

This little gem has a special place in our 'food list', we've been coming back again and again for almost 5 years now! During Le Sister's studies overseas, we'll make it a point to eat here no matter how short her trip was, be it 4 days! It's quite a feat considering the amount of restaurants, cafes and bistros that popped out during that period of time. It's been about half a year since we've last came, so we were pretty excited to visit back!

The banchans! Small dishes served along with the meal! The steam eggs too! The eggs used to be much softer and fluffier, but it was still good! We always finish them up! :)

Japchae! We ordered half a portion and it was enough to feed the 4 of us.

Kkot Sal - Boneless Short Ribs - 180thousand for 150gr

Yang Nyeom Galbi - Seasoned Short Ribs - 210thousand for 2 rolls

Sam Gyeop Sal - 3 Layered Pork Belly

Sun Du Bu Jigae - Soft Tofu Soup

 Watermelons and Red Bean with Coconut Jelly that comes along with every meal.

 When we first arrived, we noticed that it is much brighter than it used too, and the servers were decked in new uniforms. We were happy about it, until the banchans came out. There were similar choices, but they tastes slightly different, the Japchae too.

During the meals, we asked the server grilling our meat if there was a change in management, and, indeed there was. Even if it was now under the management of another Korean, each Korean family will have a different taste in their banchans and seasoning, and we were used to the old one. As an old customer, it's sad to say that we won't be visiting Gojumong as often as we used too.

On the brighter side! They are now serving more varieties! Although not quite on par with the old Gojumong, the food were still good, and definitely better than Han Gang. Do give it a try when you happen to be around the area.

Jl. Panglima Polim IX No. 7-9
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan

Telephone : (021) 727 96708

Business Hour :
Monday - Sunday
11:30AM - 10:00PM


  1. Stumbled upon your post while looking for Gojumong. This is pretty recent after their revamp I suppose. From what I get, its not as good as it used to be?

    1. Hi! Thanks for dropping by :) Even though it wasn't as good, it is still a decent Korean Restaurant, what made us think that way was probably due to our personal affection to the 'old Gojumong'. Do let know how it goes if you do decide to drop by :):)