Thursday, 8 May 2014

[Review] Genki Sushi

The well-known Shinkansen sushi train has made its way to Jakarta. They are located at Plaza Senanyan, right outside Sogo Foodhall. At a glance, it looks like just another sushi restaurant, but don't let that fool you.

Genki sushi is known for their Shinkansen sushi train (though the ones here does not resemble one); where the food are delivered to each table by a "bullet train". You order the food through the provided iPad, and then the food will be directly sent by kitchen.

At first, it was interesting, as it was kind of like having a new toy to play with. After a while, we slowly got disturbed when the food comes one by one as you need to push the button to send the train back. Another concern for us is that it's not 'elderly' friendly, in the sense that the older generation might not be used to ordering trough an iPad.

Now, to the food! They were pretty average, slightly better than Sushi Tei but lesser choice. One thing we'd like to highlight is the Salmon Fish Head (35thousand). They were uber juicy, and they served a bigger piece than the ones we've had so far. Though a tad sprinkle of salt would made it so much better.

Overall, we had a good experience. We'd probably be back with other first timers for them to experience the "Shinkansen sushi train". :) 
Genki Sushi
 Plaza Senayan, B Floor
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8
Jakarta Selatan

Telephone : (021) 5790 0063

Operation Hours
Monday - Sunday : 10Am - 10PM

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