Saturday, 3 May 2014


Hiya! Le Sister here! Sorry for the hiatus, again. I have 1,001 excuses for going MIA, but it really is just me being lazy. I have few drafts, with pictures uploaded but never got down to writing(or rather typing) down the reviews. It's been so long that I've forgotten how the meals went. Sorry!! 

Also with Le Brother away, I haven't been to anywhere new or 'in'. And it didn't help that the oven at home is spoilt so I can't posts any recipes in the time being. Oh! I was away in South Korea for 5 weeks, so I'll do a short post on the food soon.


I had the post above types out 2 weeks ago but never got to posting it! It was meant to go up 2 weeks ago, the week before Stacks Burger post. But work got the best of me, and I've never got around to finishing this. >.< 

Long story short, I'll try my best to keep this space updated, a new post is coming this Thursday. And hopefully I'll be able to get my draft ready for next Thursday's. 

Uploading this from my phone cus I'm having a short window of 'nothing to do', so I'm not sure how it's gonna show up on the computer. 

Til' next time! :) 

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