Thursday, 29 August 2013

[Take 2] Bibigo

As previously mentioned, we are back with our Take 2 edition on Bibigo! This time we were looking forward to their Bibimbap as we had heard nothing but raves about it.

Bibigo Salad - 49thousand

Fresh lettuce greens with tomato, orange, Nurungji (Korean crispy rice) and crispy chicken served with apple dressing. One thing that stands out was the leaves, as they look nothing like what we were used to having for salad, and they look nowhere close to lettuce. It had a dry texture to it, but it did go well with the dressing.

Soy Sauce Chicken Stew - 120thousand
Braised chicken with potato and carrots, served with sweet potato starch noodles. It may sound and look simple, almost like a homemade dish but they went perfectly well together. The chicken was marinated really well, and do beware of the chilli, they didn't remove the any of the seeds.

Spicy Soft Tofu Soup Bansang - 85thousand
Spicy soft tofu soup with seafood served with banchans.The most important thing about soft tofu soup, is obviously the tofu. Boy, were they authentic. They were rich in flavour, nothing like the ones you could get from supermarket. This dish however, ruined the night for Le Sister, it was too spicy for her, and she everything else she ate would taste spicy. So, if you have low tolerance for spiciness, do take note.

Bibimbap Bansang - 80thousand
Traditional mixed rice with assorted vegetables and char-grilled bulgogi. The whole dish went perfectly well together, but there really is nothing to particularly write home about. Especially after all the hype we've been hearing about, we weren't exactly disappointed, but it was more of "yeah~ it's okay".

Rice - Long Grin White Rice, Korean White Rice, Brown Rice, Black Rice
Topping - Char-grilled Bulgogi, Chicken Breast, Chicken Teriyaki, Tofu
Sauce - Kohot, Citron Soy, Sesame. Ssam
For the Bibimbap, Hot Stone Bibimbap and Bibigo Rice, the ingredients are customisable. There are 4 kinds of rice, topping and sauce to choose from. We opted for Korean white rice, with char-grilled Bulgogi and Kohot (gochujang/red pepper paste).
After dining at Bibigo twice, the final question would probably be - are we coming back? Probably not in the near future. When we're heading out for Korean, we would probably have a meal somewhere else. But if we happen to be at Pacific Place and wondering what to eat, it'll be on top of the list. 

Pacific Place Level 4
Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav. 52-53
Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD)
Jakarta 12190
Telephone : (021) 5797 3011
Operation Hours:
Monday - Sunday : 10AM -10PM

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