Thursday, 15 August 2013

[Bali] Merah Putih

Bali! The most popular island in Indonesia. A frequent getaway destination by both locals and international tourists. We were over in the picturesque island few weeks ago, and this little gem is definitely a memorable meal. Both it's interior and exterior is exquisite! The only word that could come out of our mouth the moment we stepped in was "wow". It resembled the inside of a cathedral, it's worth a visit just for the interior design itself.

Their menu is divided into small dish and big dish, and further segmented into traditional and modern. Small dish for appetizers and big dish as main. All their dishes are recommended for sharing as opposed to individual dish, to bring together the people having the meal together. 

Complimentary starter - fish soup. Even though it is small, it doesn't fall short in its flavours. Drank it 'til its last drop.

Perkedel Jagung (4pieces)

Corn fritters, tiger prawns and tomato sambal. This was swept away almost instantly, either it was really that good and we were just hungry. I would say it was a little bit of both. But nothing could've beaten a good ol' bakwan jagung from Manado. ;)

Bebek Goreng Sambal Mangga

Crispy boneless duck served with mango salad. It tastes like chicken actually, soft boned chicken to be specific, but it was really good! Can't stop ourselves from making the plate sparkling clean, soft duck meat with bursts of sour and spicy dancing around in our mouths.


Fried soft shell crab with salted egg. Just eating the crab as it is, is just alright. Dipping it in the salsa, and you're in it for a treat! Le Sister couldn't help but grab a second serving before it was quickly whipped away.

Balinese Suckling Pig - Babi Guling

Pushing the boundaries of traditional Balinese cuisine, the Babi Guling served with a modern interpretation, all eyes fixed on it the moment it was set on the table. Its flavours doesn't fall short as well.

Ikan Bakar

Char-grilled whole fish served with green tomato and ginger flower; it was soft and tasted superb, but nothing could win over the Ikan Bakar at Jimbaran we had the next day.

Gulai Kambing

Surabayan spiced lamb curry served with satay and potato fritters. Simple, typical Indonesian dish, which the guests enjoyed.

Slow Roast Pork

Soy glazed belly and loin, the meat really did 'melt in your mouth', so soft and tender. Le Cousin W preferred this, but Le Sister stuck with the Babi Guling as the winner of the pork dish that night.

Es Puter, Kolak and Markisa

Their dessert wasn't as intriguing as the apps and mains, but they did made the meal complete. Out of the 3 we would probably recommend you guys to try the kolak, as the other 2 just tasted okay.

Overall, we really do recommend this new gem! We had guests from Germany, Canada and Philippines, and they enjoyed it just as much as we had, probably more. Price wasn't that bad as well, we paid 250thousand per person. Considering the quality, taste, ambiance and service; it was money well spent. We would most definitely come back during our next visit.

A bit of reminder, for us and for you readers as well, is to dress well. The other patrons were well-dressed, while we looked like we just jumped out of the sea, which was actually what happened after a surf lesson at Kuta.

Merah Putih
Jl. Petitenget No. 100x
Kerobokan, Denpasar
Bali, Indonesia 80361

Telephone : (0361) 8465950

Operating Hours :
Monday - Sunday : 12PM - 3PM // 5.30PM-12PM


  1. hello! so glad to have found your entry while searching for reviews of merah putih! may i know where was the place you dined at in Jimbaran? I am going to bali this coming week and would rly appreciate some help! Thanks! (:

    1. Hi Sheraine!
      Most drivers would know Menega Cafe at Jimbaran. However, this time round, we dined on the right of the Menega Cafe if you are facing the beach. Both are recommended, though you'd have to wait longer at Menega Cafe for the food since it is more crowded. Do give the grilled fish and clams a try :)) Hope you'll enjoy your trip to sunny Bali :))