Friday, 4 January 2013

[Review] Kamogawa Japanese Restaurant

We've been wanting to try this little gem since forever, the last time we came, we missed their lunch time just by a bit. This time round, we didn't take any risks and arrived at 12.30. We've seen quite a number of Japanese eating here, so they must've been quite authentic, no? Also, their beef and fishes are directly sent from Japan! No worries about their freshness!

The place was quite balmy, they were probably cutting down costs as there weren't much customer when we had lunch there. The setting wasn't traditional Japanese, but it was cosy.  The have 9 private room, a Sushi-Sashimi counter, and a Teppanyaki counter.

The salad came with every bento meal. The dressing is the typical Japanese sauce, fresh, sweet and slightly tangy. 

They also came with this Cawanmushi, which is steamed egg with prawn, crabstick and mushroom. Hands down one of the best we've ever had, it's so, so soft, and excellently seasoned. 

The Kamogawa Bento,  their popular lunch box with 9 dishes, rice and miso soup. From top to bottom, left to right:
-pickled wakame/seaweed, tempura prawn covered with almond flakes, sashimi trio - salmon, tuna and, yellowfin
-cha soba with quail egg, pork teppanyaki with beansprouts, prawn mayo
-teriyaki chicken, deep fried tofu skin roll, baked salmon.

For the price of 180 thousand, this bento is well worth it! Out of the 9, our favourite is the teriyaki chicken, which reminds us of the old ToriQ, and the pork teppanyaki, albeit being cliche, it really did melt in our mouth. Probably the softest pork we've ever had, that we doubted whether it was really pork. Overall we were really satisfied.

The Mugi-Toro Gyu-Tan Gozen, grilled beef tongue. For the price of 120thousand, this dish came with grilled beef tongue, pickled wakame/seaweed, miso soup, tuna sashimi, and grated yam. 

The grilled tongue, is almost as good as the one we had in Menya, Melbourne. Definitely worth a try!

At 250thousand, the Wagyu Yakiniku Bento consists of charcoal grilled Wagyu beef, tempura, trio sashimi and broiled salmon.

The dessert that came with all 3 bento, coconut ice cream served with blueberry coulis and mango puree. Not sure how it would taste when it first came, but it's surprisingly good! 

Overall, we had a great lunch, a good 1 hour spent. We would definitely come back again and try their other dishes.

Kamogawa Japanese Restaurant
Apartment Pavilion GF
Jl. KH. Mas Mansyur No. 24
Jakarta Pusat 110220

Telephone : (021) 574 1988
Fax : (021) 5794 1738

Business Hour : 
Monday - Sunday
Lunch : 11.30AM - 2.30PM
Dinner : 6PM - 10PM

-Edit 15 May 2014
The last time we visited Pavilion for lunch at Harum Manis, we found out that Kamogawa has moved out to Melawai area according to the security guard. If you managed to find where they've moved to, do let us know! So we could update their new address :)


  1. It looks too good to resist

  2. Looks awesome. Is the chef Japanese or Indonesian?

    1. Hi! Thanks for dropping by! We're not really sure about this, but as long as it tastes good, anything goes :)