Thursday, 30 January 2014

[Review] Lin Artisan Ice Cream

Lin Artisan Ice Cream, a must have every time we're in Kemang. They are the pioneer of nitrogen ice cream here in Indonesia, and have been around for quite a while now. It's a nice cozy hangout spot right at the entrance/exit of the Kemang area.

The ice cream is made upon order, and done in matter of minutes. Liquid nitrogen is added to the liquid mixture(all natural ingredients!), and in seconds it'll start to harden and come together. We've seen the process a couple of times, yet it still never fails to fascinate us.

Our all-time favourite is their Silky Hazelnut and Tea Leaves; we can't choose between the two. If we're feeling for something light after a meal, we'd go for the Tea Leaves, otherwise it'd be Silky Hazelnut. 

 They have quite a few choices, and also special flavours that comes and go. They once had rainbow cake ice cream, and Le Sister couldn't choose between that and Silky Hazelnut, so she ended up with 2 cups of ice cream!

Price ranges between 36thousand - 75thousand, the most expensive being Smiley Bailey's. They also serve some light bites and coffee, we've tried their affogato and boy was the coffee good and rich. Even better than most coffee shops! 

Do give it a try if you haven't, it's worth a trip all the way to Kemang!

Lin Artisan Ice Cream
Jalan Taman Kemang 1 No. 6
Jakarta Selatan

Telephone : (021) 7179 4393

Operating Hours :
 Monday - Sunday : 11AM - 11PM

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