Thursday, 4 April 2013

[Review] Marugame Udon

The newest addition in one of our most frequent mall, Marugame Udon. Under the same management as Pizza Hut, Marugame Udon is self-service. Selecting an udon, fried tempuras, paying at the end of the line before heading out to the seating area. It's been slightly more than a month, and it has always been crowded around dinner time.

Niku Udon - 45thousand // Kisu Tempura and Kakiaga - 10thousand each
The udon itself is very good! The udon is chewy, the beef is soft and tender, together with a hot, sweet soup base, it is the perfect bowl of goodness. The tempuras however, have seen better days, although not oily, they were cold. The Kisu Tempura is a deep fried Japanese fish, which is just okay. Kakiage is a deep fried vegetable ball, mainly onion. It is huge, but you get sick after a while, you could share it between 2-3 person.

Including drinks, the meal came up to 75thousand. Slightly pricey for an everyday meal, and a guy wouldn't be full to the brim unless you take alot of the tempuras. We could see ourselves coming back, but only for the udon, and give the tempuras a miss.

[Update 10/5/13] We dined here again for dinner the other day, and it definitely tasted different than our previous visits. During the first visit, we had a great dinner that satisfied our tummy. Second time round, it was still pretty good. When we tried it for the third time, it became our last visit. The udon were no longer chewy, the soup base was oily, the curry udon was tad too sweet and overwhelming. Not sure if we just caught them on a bad day, we were disappointed though  not surprised. 

Marugame Udon 
3rd Floor #316
Mall Taman Anggrek
 Jl. Tanjung Duren Timur 2
Jakarta Barat 11470

Business Hour:
Monday - Sunday : 10AM -10PM

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