Sunday, 3 February 2013

[Review] Hanmodoom Korean Restaraunt

Korean is definitely one of our frequent place to have dinner, they tend to offer a lot of choices from grills to soup. This particular once, specialised in 1 kind of soup, Chueo Tang, a fish soup. This is a common practice in Korea, where a restaurant serve only a specialised dish.

The dining area. Upon entrance, we noticed that all the other customer were Korean. They must have been serving authentic Korean food, no?

The traditional sitting area.

The banchans! Korean restaurant would typically served small complimentary dish to go with the meal. We would get excited when we see a new dish we've never tried before.

The pan fried tofu served were really soft and fragrant. We asked for another plate of it.

This we never expect to see on our dining table. The server didn't know what it exactly was, but we suspect it was the inside of silkworm cocoons, since she said it would be good for our skin.

Despite being xxxx, about it, we tried it. Let's just say we won't be eating it again in the near future, but it's worth a try though.

The Chueo Tang, it is tad thicker than the normal soups, as it had blended fish in it. It is served with some greens, and soy bean paste, and we add our own black pepper and sesame seed at the table to suit of taste. It tasted different than any other Korean soup we've tried, where it is normally beef based, but we enjoyed this dish nonetheless.

The Chueo Twigim, where the same type of fish from the soup is made into Korean Tempura. The crust(?) is the same as the one you would normally get at Japanese Restaurant, very crunchy. We had half a portion, and at 85thousand, we think it is overpriced.

We also had the Yangyeom So Galbi, which is marinated beef strip. It is sweet and well-seasoned, and very soft too. It came in 2 strips, and for 200thousand, we think it is slightly overpriced too.

Do pay a visit to their toilet, we were pleasantly surprised when we saw this. They had new toothbrushes, toothpastes and mouthwash ready for their customer. Probably more apt for lunchtime, where their customer would be meeting people afterwards, since it is located near the CBD area.

We don't know the address for this restaurant, but it is located at Jl. Senopati near Yellowfin. It is hard to miss, as it is crowded almost every time we pass by, and there is a big picture of a Korean lady on the billboard.

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